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How to eat more fruits and vegetables

There's no denying that we all should eat more fruits and vegetables. They're rich in fiber, nutrients and are always healthy for you. Read our thoughts below on some of our favorite ways to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet.  

1. Add veggies to almost any dish you already love. Tacos? Heck yes, add a scoop of KOYAH to your taco mix.

2. Try them in soup. Add a scoop of KOYAH to any soup you're fixing up. Check out our soup recipe for celery mushroom soup. It's easy and healthy! 

celery soup

3. Sneak them into spaghetti sauce. There's no chopping, messy clean up, or waste. Add a couple of greens powder scoops, and you're good to go!

4. Pizza pizza! Who doesn't love pizza? Take a scoop of any of our greens powders and mix it in with your sauce or sprinkle it over the top of your pizza. For this dish, we made a vegan pesto with KOYAH kale powder.

vegan pesto

5. Smoothies are always a simple option. Here are some of our favorite smoothie recipes

6. Spike your oats with KOYAH powders for breakfast. We love everything, oats. Here are a few of our overnight oats recipes.

healthy overnight oats

 7. Did someone say mac and cheese? If you're healthily obsessed, this healthy mac and cheese dish is the perfect fix, especially when you're short on time, Healthy Mac and Cheese Recipe.

8. KOYAH on salads. Veggies on veggies! Adding a scoop of KOYAH powders to your salad dish or dressing makes it so much healthier. For inspiration, check out our easy-to-make Quinoa Salad or Plant-Based Salad Dressing.

plant based salad dressing

9. Pancakes, bread, muffins, cookies, granola bars, etc. Adding a scoop or two of KOYAH powders to any baking recipe is easy. The powders mix nicely with most recipes. Try this recipe for the Best Vegan Pancakes.

best vegan pancakes

10. Create a weekly meal plan. Think about what you will make and how you will incorporate more fruits and veggies into your daily routine. Start small with your healthy habit goals, and don’t be scared to experiment with new recipes. 

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