Behind the Name: KOYAH

Behind the name KOYAH graphic

After being inspired by my dad to turn my organic instant smoothie powders into a business, I had to come up with a name. One of the coolest parts about starting and running a business is being able to help those who have helped us. I decided to brand the business as KOYAH, which is a short-hand spelling for the sequoia tree. Although sequoias are the tallest and largest trees on earth, their root systems do not grow deep. Instead, they spread wide and intertwine with the roots of surrounding sequoia trees, not to choke them out and compete for resources, but to support and help each other grow. Interestingly, a sequoia growing on it's own will not grow nearly as tall because it will easily get blown over by strong winds, but a forest of sequoias with connected roots will grow strong and tall together with the ability to survive storms and even fires.

I thought this was a beautiful analogy for the business I wanted KOYAH to be. A business that would grow strong and tall. A business that would support a "forest" of other businesses, customers, suppliers, & organizations. A business that doesn't destroy, but instead helps others even as they help us. A business that partners with others to survive the fires and storms the environment throws at us.

We envision you, our customer, as the leaves and branches of our sequoia. Without you, none of our growth would be possible. Through purchasing our products, we provide you with honest and healthy products, while you provide us with the sunlight and energy we need to grow our roots wide to support others:

We support all of our wonderful employees.

We support the farmers who grow the organic fruits and veggies.

We support the partners who dry them for us.

We support those who help us market them.

We support the retailers who help us sell them.

We support non-profits that align with our values, such as