KOYAH Founder Marcus Houtsma and His Dad Elroy

KOYAH started as a way to help my dad eat more fruits and vegetables when he was going through chemotherapy for colon cancer. Here is the story of how it came about.

The news of a cancer diagnosis hit my dad hard. At the age of 59, he had just become a grandpa for the fourth time. After surgery to have the tumor in his colon removed, he started chemotherapy. His doctor also recommended he eat better, adding more fruits and vegetables into his diet. If he wanted to watch his grandkids grow up, he felt a change had to occur.

It is a struggle to develop a new healthy habit and break a previous food addiction. With all of the chemotherapy my dad’s energy was gone. Feeling inclined to help in any way I could, I began making him powdered smoothies using dried, organic, whole fruit and vegetable powders. They made eating fruits and vegetables simple – just add water, shake, and drink.

Within a couple months he developed a consistent habit of drinking a smoothie. A big improvement from the fast food and sugary snacks he ate before. He was feeling healthier and as his chemo treatments came to an end he was starting to get his energy back. It is now a couple years later and so far the cancer has not returned. And he’s still drinking those smoothies for lunch most days!

Seeing how the smoothie powders made eating fruits and vegetables easier for my dad gave me the courage to grow KOYAH into what it is today. Our goal is to make the world’s highest quality fruit and vegetable products, so you can eat more of them even when life gets busy.