Our Manifesto

Close up of Raspberries.

Whole food is always better.

Organic is better.

Processed sugar is the worst, but sugar in the form of whole foods is great.

Added Sugar should always be 0 g.

Products should taste good.

Natural tastes good.

If products contain quality ingredients, natural and/or artificial flavors aren't needed.

Convenient products can & should be healthy.

How ingredients are processed matters.

Continuous movement towards sustainability is important.

Inspiration is the best way to make change happen.

Eating more whole, plant foods, especially fruits and veggies is good for health.

Integrity matters in everything we do… especially when making food.

Food waste is a problem.

Simple is better.

Creativity trumps easy.

Our planet's resources are not unlimited.

Regenerative farming can better the environment.

Soil health matters.

Healthier soils grow healthier food.

Freeze-Drying retains nutrition insanely better than standard dehydration.

Regenerative farmers inspire us.

People eat plenty of protein. Protein powders are a well marketed fad.

Raisins are good… fresh, frozen, or freeze-dried grapes are better.

Local is better.

Raw is typically better, but cooked is great too.

Our Purpose

We exist to inspire health through simple, whole-food products.