KOYAH Beet Powder vs Competitors

KOYAH Beet Powder vs Competitors

We are often asked how our beet powder is different from our competitors.

Our beet powder stands out from competitors' products in several key ways. While many competitors use high temperature drying methods that can diminish nutrient content, our beet powder is freeze-dried, preserving its nutritional value.

Drying method. High temperature drying methods kill the nutrients. We always use freeze-dried beets. Freeze drying maintains the nutrients throughout the process, giving you the maximum nutrition in each beetroot. 

Whole Root vs. Juice Powder. It's important to us that our powder includes all the fiber, phytonutrients, macro-nutrients, & micro-nutrients that the beet root provides, including the nitrates & betalains. A beet juice powder does not have everything a whole beet root has. We also wanted to include the skin of the beet root in our powder as most fruits and vegetables contain a lot of nutrition in their skins and beet roots are no exception. Additionally, juicing the beets before drying them concentrates the % of sugar in the powder.

Organically grown in the USA, our beets are organically grown in the USA, ensuring quality and supporting local farmers.

koyah beet powder vs competitors

In this photo, we compare our KOYAH beet powder to the top-selling organic air-dried beet powders from China and India. Our powder's deep purple color indicates that many more phytonutrients (such as betalains) are present.

We also have our finished powder 3rd-party tested for nitrate content. If you email us at info@koyah.com, we will gladly share those test results. 

Our commitment to quality and sustainability is clear in every aspect of our product, delivering a beet powder that not only looks and tastes great but also supports a healthy lifestyle.

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