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Broccoli Sprout Powder FAQ

We have so many great customers with great questions. Below are some of our frequently asked questions for our Organic Freeze-Dried Broccoli Sprout Powder. ⁠

Q. Can I cook with the broccoli sprout powder?

A. According to the National Library of Medicine ⁠
Myrosinase has been shown to be sensitive to heat, and studies have shown decreased isothiocyanate bioavailability in cooked versus raw. ⁠

Since our broccoli sprout powder is freeze-dried, it is still considered a raw product. We also third-party test our broccoli sprout powder to ensure the enzyme is active. ⁠

Q. Does freeze-drying diminish the active enzyme and compound?⁠

A. No freeze-drying does not diminish the Myrosinase and Glucoraphanin. It’s a gentle freezing process that preserves the active nutrients. ⁠

Q. Do we test for Myrosinase and Glucoraphanin? ⁠

A. Yes. We use third-party tests to ensure the product's Myrosinase enzyme is active and Glucoraphanin compound is present. We are happy to share these test results upon request. Please email us for the results.⁠

Q. How many mg of Sulforaphane would you estimate are in a tsp of your powder?

A. We just test the amount of glucoraphanin and the amount of active myrosinase because that is what exists in the raw sprouts.

Glucoraphanin turns into Sulforaphane when Myrosinase is present and water is added.

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