Rich creamy zesty detoxing smoothie

Rich creamy zesty detoxing smoothie

Your insides will thank you for nourishing them with this detox smoothie.

We started off with adding squash and lemon to the mix for their nutritional punch. They come in with a heavy amount of vitamins and minerals. Our KOYAH spinach  is the backbone to this detoxing blend. Spinach is alkalizing, and an alkaline body is a happy body. A pear for sweetness and cashews for texture. This smoothie will help make your insides squeaky clean. 

In your blender add:

1 scoop KOYAH spinach  (or 1 cup fresh spinach) 
1 yellow squash
1 cup of water
1 pear
1/2 lemon with peel 
1 cup of ice
handful of cashews

Blend on high until desired consistency. 

We love to see what you're mixing up with KOYAH. Please don't forget to tag us in your photos! 

Rich creamy zesty detoxing smoothie

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