do we really need more protein

We Need More Pro...

Everyone wants to eat more protein.  Look at any supposedly "healthy" packaged food on the market today and it will likely promote being high in protein. But why is everyone clamoring to eat more protein when essentially nobody in the United States is suffering from a protein deficiency?


When we look at an analysis of the global burden of disease study, the top findings in dietary risk factors have nothing to do with protein.  In fact, the word protein is not mentioned at all. Additionally, the items that the food industry cleverly promotes as "protein" (such as red meat and processed meat) are listed as being too high in our diets, not too low.


Interestingly, the analysis shows the majority of dietary risk factors are caused by diets that are too low in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds.  We don’t need more pro-tein in our diets, we need more pro-duce.  Eat more fruits and vegetables!

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