Thoughts on processed foods

Thoughts on processed foods by KOYAH's owner Marcus Houtsma

In recent years "processed food" has gotten a pretty bad rap… and we think deservedly so. They typically contain insane amounts of added salt and sugar, not to mention other preservatives, dyes, & artificial ingredients of all kinds. And that just touches on what gets added to them and not all of the fiber, vitamins, minerals, & phytonutrients that are taken away from them. It is a well believed myth that processed foods need to have over 30 ingredients and at least half of them need to be un-pro-nounce-able. 

At KOYAH we asked the question: Do processed foods need to have all of these crazy additives and takeaways or is there a way to make a so called "processed" food that is actually very healthy while still being super convenient? We didn't want to use the newest fad ingredients being touted for their unbelievable health benefits, because who really knows if they are true or not. A quick look at the history of nutritional advice makes us think 99.99% of them aren’t. What if instead, we simply focus on whole plant foods and make a great tasting smoothie powder that simply contained organic whole ancient grains, organic freeze-dried fruits, and that’s it!? No crazy additives. No weird preservatives. No "natural raspberry flavor" (who knows what that is actually made from anyways?!?!). Instead let's just flavor it with whole organic freeze-dried raspberries. Doesn't that sound like a healthy and delicious breakfast on the go?

Our mission at KOYAH is to simplify whole plant foods and make it easier for our customers (and ourselves) to eat more of them.

Thoughts on processed foods by KOYAH's owner Marcus Houtsma

As the founder and owner of KOYAH, I have a serious passion for organic, whole foods. As a brand, we are committed to making convenient, nutrient dense products that only contain whole, plant foods with zero additives of any kind. We are on a mission to get more organic fruits and veggies into more people’s diets! View Our Products

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