KOYAH smoothies

No Blender Needed

Healthy habits are often extremely hard to develop because unhealthy habits are so much easier. Do I go to the gym and work out, or sit on the couch and watch TV? Do I start eating a raw smoothie packed with fruits and veggies every morning, or do I eat a breakfast packed with processed sugars? So often we get motivated to choose the healthy option a couple times, but the hassle makes us quickly fall back to the unhealthy option.

Our goal with KOYAH smoothies is to take the hassle out of eating more fruits and veggies. No need to constantly buy a bunch of fresh produce. No need to purchase expensive equipment to process them. No need to spend time prepping and cleaning up the mess. Just get your smoothies delivered to your doorstep and add them to water. Repeat once a day and after one month you'll have eaten more fruits and veggies than you thought was possible.

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