Less waste

Less Waste

Can we all agree that the status quo is boring? If you're anything like me, you spent the majority of your life through your early 20's trying to fit in and meet the status quo, but eventually realized that living a cookie cutter life is boring and accomplishes nothing. This may be a unique analogy, but I think it applies well to fruits and veggies. While society often tries to weed out the people who don't meet the status quo, their voice is often too loud to be ignored, but fruits and veggies need us to speak for them. If a carrot decides it wants to be a little outside the status quo and grow with a kink, or a blueberry decides it wants to grow a little smaller, the end consumer (aka... you and I) decides it is not what we think a blueberry or carrot should be so we neglect it to a landfill.

One cool part about freeze-dried fruit and veggie powders, like our smoothies, is that the freeze-dryers and grinders aren't biased towards the appearance of the fruits and veggies going into them. We use produce that both meets and falls outside the status quo which eliminates waste.

This beautifully produced video from www.savethefood.com does a wonderful job showing how we often waste even the food that does meet the status quo:

Applying this to our mission at KOYAH, by freeze-drying the produce at its peak ripeness allows the water, labor, fuel, money and love that went into producing them to be preserved for years instead of days.
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