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Our favorite ways to sneak more fruits and veggies into recipes

There’s no denying that we all should eat more vegetables. They’re rich in fiber, nutrients and always healthy for you. Here are some tips to help get you on the road to enjoying more fruits and veggies.  

1. Add veggies to almost any dish you already love. Tacos? Heck yes, add a scoop of KOYAH to your taco mix and you won’t even know its there. 

2. Try them in soup. Add a scoop of KOYAH greens to any soup your fixing up. 

3. Sneak them into spaghetti. Add finely chopped things like zucchini, mushrooms, onions and carrots to spaghetti sauce. Our greens also make a great addition and there’s no chopping, messy clean up or waste. Just add a couple scoops of spinach, kale or broccoli.

4. Pizza pizza! Who doesn’t love pizza? Top with any vegetable combination and it’s a great way to get in extra veggies and enjoy them while doing it. Also don't be scared to take a scoop of greens and mix it in with your sauce or sprinkle it over the top of your cheesy delicious dish. 

5. Drink your veggies. Green smoothies are the best. Not to mention with the right combination of ingredients you can make them taste really great. 

6. Spike your oats with KOYAH greens for breakfast. Start small with adding KOYAH greens to your oats and work your way up to a full scoop. Starting your day with greens sets the tone for a healthy day. 

7. Did someone say mac and cheese? Mac and cheese is one of the easiest things to make (from the box) and it’s a great way to use as a vessel to sneak in those extra veggies without even thinking about it. We like to add broccoli or beet powder for comfort food with a healthy punch. 

8. KOYAH on salads. Veggies on veggies! Adding a scoop of greens to your salad dish only makes it healthier. Take a look at our easy to make Quinoa Salad for inspiration. 

9. Make breads, muffins, cookies or granola bars with fruits or veggies. Most recipes can be easily tweaked by added a scoop of KOYAH to the mix without even tasting it. Plus making your baked goods green or beet red makes them more fun to eat. 

10. Plan ahead. Think about what you’re going to make, come up with a meal plan and how you’re going to incorporate more fruits and veggies into your daily routine and do your best to stick to it. Start small with your healthy habit goals and don’t be scared to experiment with new things.

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